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Montrealers speak generally international french with a quebec accent, rest of Quebec is very much different from region to region. There's really no need for learning a Quebec accent or even a French one, so I'd suggest learning international french, which is also the pronunciation used in every american dubbed movies and unlike crappy english dubbed the french dubs are pretty accurate and as enjoyable as much as watching the original english versions, although I haven't watched a french dub since I'm 10 years old I'm pretty sure it's still as good.

My guess is that many US high school will offer french programs but the best is to learn when being the youngest as possible so private lessons would be the way to go. You yourselves as parents could also join in and visit quebec and try to practice it as a way to really get a grip of the language.

But know that french grammer and structure is much more complex than most european languages since it's a deviant of latin and made in a such a way that only few very educated nobles at the time could be able to read it, made to be somewhat of a noble language and even someone like me who spent so many years in school I would not be able to recall all of the verb variations that exist from different verbs. Basically it's a hard languages to read and write but vocally it's pretty close to english since english is made of a lot of french/latin words.

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