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Originally Posted by Modo View Post
Decidedly optimistic.

A full year with a new owner at the helm, and four years without a single playoff game....I think (hope) that they'll be gunning hard to go back to the upper echelon of the league, where we used to be.
That's funny. I'm pretty optimistic about the long term future, much less so about the immediate outlook.

Everything we've heard since Gagliardi bought the team indicates that while he knows the importance of getting to the playoffs, he values doing things the right way in order to sustain success. I agree with his rhetoric now I just want to see some tough decisions being made.

*Leadership turnover is a must. Talent infusion at virtually every position is a necessity(this probably includes the coaching staff as well). Most importantly, it seems that there is a clear "crop" of prospects that will/should arrive around the same time. If they as a group prove to be truly ready then things could be surprisingly (to the outside world) great around here in 2-3 years.

I think the most important thing is going to be the internal evaluation of when any one prospect is "ready". It seems this is the primary reason Gainey was hired and I'm all for a good hockey mind being set to that task, I just hope Gainey is that man. Sceviour should make this team out of training camp. I didn't get to watch Dillon at the end of the season but by all accounts he's basically beating down the door and has shown them what they hoped he would at the AHL level. If the organization A) truly has the young horses in the stable, B) allows them to move on to the NHL and play meaningful minutes, and C) makes room for them on the roster by moving out veterans who underperform, then things should be going in the direction of competing for the division title again within 2-4 years.

Originally Posted by Trillmike View Post
Here's Souray's quote:

“We’ve talked and they have some time to make their minds up, but come July 1, options open up (for me), too. I’d like to stay here. I know they’re going to make changes, if anyone here thinks they’re not making changes, they’re all a little na´ve. Hopefully in the year that I’ve been here, they see me as part of the solution moving forward. I really like it here, I don’t want to leave here. We’ll see.”

The only defensemen on the Stars roster who we can count on being here for sure is Larsen, Daley, and Goligoski. I don't see any way you keep both Robidas and Souray on the roster and say you're trying to get better. Both had uneven play this season with Souray being generally far better than Robidas. Trading Robidas to a team where he can be on the third pair would help him, the Stars, and likely that team as well (assuming they can afford to pay a 3rd pair D-man that much). Keep Souray around as the grizzled veteran who has been there and done that. I can't say for sure without being in the room obviously, but Souray seems like the kind of man's man who guys would follow into battle. The fact that he wants to stay here I think can be read as a sign that he feels a sense of ownership of the Stars' situation and wants to help. I think he can but only if he's not heavily relied on in top minutes.

I feel pretty strongly that Benn is the next long term captain of the Stars. However, given the current state of the team and the organization I'm not sure I want a 22 year old feeling the weight of wearing the "C" in this league just yet. That's pretty heady territory, and while I think he could handle it, I'd rather wait a couple years if possible.

Trade Morrow. Trade Robidas. Keep Souray and make him captain. Benn and Eriksson wear the "A", as well as Ott if he's still around.

Boom! Come at me bro.

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