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05-21-2012, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by moosehead81 View Post
I don't recall anybody saying that Richards and Carter are the reason the Kings (so far) are storming thru the playoffs.
Well, the person I was quoting is specifically pointing to last season without them and this season with them. What does that mean to you? Because to me it sounds like he is saying that Richards and Carter are the reason.

But to suggest that they're inconsequential secondary role players who have not had much to do with the Kings' success and are basically riding the coat-tails of a number of others is just plain wrong. I'll repeat that the Kings would be no-where as successful with Simmonds, Schenn and Jack Johnson in place of the former two Flyers. That's the reality.
I'm not suggesting they are secondary role players. They are certainly doing their part to contribute, but if we are pointing to one player as driving the team forward, that player is Job Quick. If you don't like that answer, look no further than Dustin Brown (most points, most +/-, 2nd leader in ice time, plays in the key situations). And again, Richards and Carter certainly are playing well and certainly are contributing, but they are not the reason for the Kings' success. Just like their absence is not the reason the Flyers lost. If you swap Simmonds, Schenn, and Johnson with Carter and Richards, they likely would be in a similar situation. Maybe not as well, but I think they'd still be playing. It's not like Carter and Richards and HOFers and the other guys are nobodies.

Schenn was one of the best Flyers in the Devils series, Simmonds wasn't as effective as he had been in the regular season but played pretty well. On the Flyers the two combined for 15 points in 11 games. Richards and Carter have combined for 17 points through 13 games. There is no reason to think that these totals would not at least be similar if Simmonds and Schenn were on the Kings. Yes, the defense of Richards is better than anyone other players listed, but that hasn't been the difference maker in the series. Simmonds and Schenn are two defensively responsible players that I would think are on the same level as Carter, or only slightly behind. So while Richards defense may be missed, his point production likely would not and Carter's points and defense also would not. Throw Jack Johnson back onto that defense instead of whomever replaced him (was it Martinez?) and their blueline also looks better than it is now, which would help offset Richards's absence.

So besides just saying that it is a fact, what would you point to refute what I am saying?

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