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11-25-2003, 05:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Saprykin Fan
I really think Comrie will end up in LA, there is alot of talk around edmonton about this, and soem of the nhl guys i know have been talkin about it to.

k some won't believe me, cause i have inside info, but i think comrie wil go to LA because,

1) He bought a house there this summer with Josh Green, good friend of mine and hometwon is 30 minutes away.

2) He told me he will never wear and OILERS jersey again, not just do to with the fans!!!!

If Comrie goes anywhere i think it will be LA because they have soem extra money for the allison insurnace they recieved, it would be cool if my brother was involved in this deal so i could watch him but really i hope he stays in LA.

really i think Comrie will be in a King's uniform before christmas from rumours goign around and a hunch i have.
I hope your rumours are true. the last I heard was that he will end up in