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05-21-2012, 09:08 PM
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For as much flack as umpires get, and there are a couple real bad ones out there (one of which actually was recently often does that happen?)...but MLB umpires, generally, do the best job of any major officials. The problem is that when they get a call wrong the price to pay is often far more damning than with the other sports...see the Jerry Meals situation last year.

Hell of a throw by Barmes to get the 2nd out.

edit: Raise the Jolly Roger!

Okay, I lied earlier. Another thing I hate about is that the lag is so much worse than the others. Thanks to one of my web pages being on gameday so I could see who the umpires were I got the replay of the final strikeout before the 2nd pitch of the at bat was shown on my TV.

e2: Nice to see Hughes finally get a win for his troubles. He pitches dangerously, but it's pretty hard to complain about a rookie relief pitcher who's allowed 2 runs in 22.2 innings.

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