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05-21-2012, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
True, but if I had to choose between those two or Burmistrov, I'm taking Burmistrov.

Winnipeg, to me, would make logical sense for these reasons.
1) Claude Noel was an assistant for a few years in Columbus and interim head coach; he and Nash apparently did not dislike each other. Whether they got along great or not is unknown.
2) Noel was caught a couple weeks ago talking about how Burmistrov had no business being in the NHL either of the last two seasons. Although Burmistrov's point totals improved from his first to his second year, his game didn't look to have improved at all.
3) Burmistrov is not currently producing; adding Nash in his place up front would add an additional 30 goals to a team that was within striking distance of the playoffs.
4) Every defenseman on the team looked better last year than the year before, with the exception of Tobias Enstrom. Even fully healthy, he probably wouldn't have hit 40 points for the first time since his second NHL season. Enstrom has never been a goal scorer, but he didn't produce much in the way of offense.
5) Arturs Kulda is NHL-ready, but his path is currently blocked. Byfuglien and Hainsey both have NTCs, while Clitsome, Stuart, and Bogosian wouldn't be moved except for a high price. That would leave Enstrom as the odd man out.
6) Paul Postma may be ready to step in as the 7th defenseman, and he's in the same situation.
7) Winnipeg has the salary cap space to get a deal done.
8) Winnipeg has a slew of young forwards who would need the guidance and example of what they can become...Kane, Little, and Scheifele especially.
9) The likelihood of the 9th overall pick this year being able to step in and produce is not particularly high.

Would a deal of Nash for Burmistrov, Enstrom, and the 9th overall pick be done? Perhaps the initial acquisition of Jeff Carter last year is the most comparable. The 9th overall in this year's draft is worth less than 8th last year; 8th last year was going to have one of Zibanejad, Ryan Murphy, Hamilton, or Couturier available. This year's pick is much more up in the air.

Burmistrov isn't quite on the level of what Voracek was. Voracek had produced seasons of 38, 50, and 46 points in his three seasons; Burmistrov has 28 career points. Burmistrov, as a defensive forward, is better positionally and around the net; Voracek was much better around the boards and in the physical department.

Carter was traded for what was universally regarded as a discount, and had a reputation as an off-ice headache and someone who came up small in big games. Whether either of those is deserved isn't something I'm getting into, but that was the perception.

Basically, two superior pieces were traded to get a player lesser than Nash, at a discount. Enstrom is the difference. That's how I see it anyway.
I'm not as high on Burmistrov as you are, and I don't think they'll part with Enstrom that easily... However I would be happy if the transaction were to happen.

My ideal trade would be Nash, &
3 RD 12' to Calgary for Baertschi, Bouwmeester, 1 RD 12'. Bouwmeester has a heafty price tag over the next couple years, but is something that the CBJ would need to absorb to make this work.

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