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11-25-2003, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by TKF37
What makes people think that Kovalev's value has risen any since he was traded from Pittsburgh? Yes, I understand that was strictly a salary dump, but Kovalev is an UFA to be, makes double the amount that he made then and isn't putting up huge numbers. He'd get more than Mikael Samuelsson (who is horrible, btw), but sure as hell won't get a future superstar like Havlat.

Havlat alone is waaayyyy too much for Kovalev. Havlat + a 1st is just insanity.
Kovalev is an upgrade over everyone they have not named Hossa.

I forgot he was a UFA therefor I agree Havlat and a first is too much, just Havlat would be sufficient. By your tone, I think you are overvaluing the pick because it'll be no better then a high second which is good value but not great value specially if you're a team so close to winning.

As for Kovalevs Value, as a player his value is much better then three fringe NHL players that at the time looked like they would be retired before they hit 30. Don't discredit the fact he was a salary dump because that is the one and only reason why he got nothing in return. You think a superstar like him would net three junk players under normal circumstances which he currently is in? No chance. It's not often you see players of his caliber available specially to teams as strong as Ottawa. Kovalev being a UFA also makes it ideal for them to trade considering they likely are incapable of adding on a 70-90 point player with long term commitments.

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