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05-21-2012, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by tdt560 View Post
Yes, I know I will catch hell for the first post but live with it, I have more than likely been a fan than many (I said many) of you have been on this earth or at least able to remember your time on earth (grew up watching them since '70 but didn't truly realize my "fandom" until '78). This blaming the refs thing is getting old! Yes they are inconsistent and damn near suck the majority of these playoffs but you and I know that and so do the players so they need to game plan around it, that's what they are payed to do! Plus the refs had zero input in the outcome of this crapfest! The Rangers out right stunk up the joint this game and actually did the same most of the last game, minus Lundqvist. This team was lucky going in 2-1 and it showed. They have been seriously lacking in a dominating type game in this series. They looked tired and beat and seem to more or less wish for a goal rather than actually work for it. They have been playing a dump and chase game (as with most of the season) but minus the chase. Granted Marty has been diminishing the effect of the dump and chase game but adjustments need to be made and they haven't been. Outright horrible performance by all tonight! Del Zotto has been horrible and Lundqvist was lackluster tonight and it obviously showed. The puck, obviously, needs to be played more in the opposition zone and it hasn't been.
They can't even make a clean pass in the neutral zone. And watching Gaborik pull up every time he's about to have a collision is starting to make me sick.

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