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05-21-2012, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ltsthinaz View Post
Just watched the game on DVR. Some thoughts

1. Of all the pathetic games the Rangers have played in the playoffs, this was by far the worst. Last I recollect, you don't win too many games scoring no goals (I don't count the Feds goal - game was for all intents and purposes over by then

2. I get what Tortarella was doing in the third period, resting the "stars" and McD and Girardi - why play them all when you need them in two days and the game is essentially over

3. When John Mitchell is about your best player with Mike Rupp, you're in trouble.

4. Torts needs to go to someone like Anisimov and say "do you like playing for the Rangers? because if you don't show up for the next game, you're out of here".

5. They really need to do something about the officiating - 11 power plays to 3 in NJ? Yeah, I know our PK is good and our PP sucks, but really. And why isn't Kovalchuk suspended a game for a deliberate spear and attempt to injure. I remember Phil Goyette (in the 1960's for you youngsters) having his career ended by a similar spear.

6. Can we watch the national feed for the game. Seems they picked up the Devils telecast - the Devils announcer, Doc Emrick, thenh between periods, Keith Jones discussing the Devils offense and then Milbury discussing the Devils defense. Oh wait, they ARE the national feed.

7. And finally, we aren't winning the Cup with Brian Boyle, Prust (when he returns), Rupp, Mitchell, Fedotenko, Stu Bickel scoring. Every first period it seems the Devils just want the puck more and are more willing to sacrifice. We need for our best players to show up from the opening faceoff and get some scoring chances early, not just try to weather 40 minutes with Lundqvist standing on his head and then we score in the third. Ain't going to happen next time, either.

One problem with number 4, where is Anisimov gonna go? It's the conference finals, what are you gonna do, waive him?

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