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05-21-2012, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Playoff hockey has always garnered higher ratings and the biggest difference is the absence of goonism and fighting. You want to take the one exception, this years first round, and twist what the numbers say, to somehow conclude more people watched because of goonism and violence.

No other sport "benches" people who have played all season for the post season. People don't want to see Jody Shelley & Zac Rinaldo in the playoffs. Their style of play doesn't attract people to the game. Players like Giroux, Parise, Kovalchuk, Stamkos, etc are the ones people tune in for.

When the lights shine brightest and the ratings go way up, Rinaldo and Shelley are in the press box where they belong.
Do you honestly believe that the biggest difference no fighting? -- please keep in mind that while fighting is not as prevalent, it still is there... and "goonism" is still there in a much more subtle manner with cheap shots abounding and responded to by retaliatory cheap shots -- because if you do believe it is that rather than the all out higher quality play that continues until there is a winner (through normal 'team' play) in elimination rounds between two teams playing with earned hate for each other every other day to survive and have a chance to win the Cup... If you believe it is mostly the lack of fighting, then I suppose there is no way to convince you otherwise.

BTW; I am far from the lowest denominator group but I also understand that fighting, when done for the proper hockey related reasons of policing, is often necessary over the course of the RegularSeason... In the PostSeason fighters are a luxury but talented enforcers who can also play a regular shift -- albeit often a reduced forth line one -- are often important in some series... Fighting is not the knuckle dragging supported thing that you make it out to be. I could live without fighting and not love the sport one iota less... but it would mean that players would have a harder time policing themselves and you would see more stick-work and cheap shots... and much more need for officiating to be involved. Asking players and retired players would find the vast majority wanting the players to be able to police themselves... and that has been determined by many surveys taken.

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