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05-22-2012, 12:40 AM
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Count me in the crowd that will still attend games and such. For better or worse they are still my team. If I could weather the McDaniels era with the Broncos (as a season ticket holder no less) I can weather this.

It just gets so frustrating. One game the offense looks fine and it's the pitching that gives out (like tonight) Then the pitching is good enough to win but the offense dissappears. The thing is you can't fire the entire coaching staff in the middle of the season (well you could but it would be just as big a disaster as doing nothing). Either Tracy has to go or Apodaca/Lansford have to go. Regardless O'dowd needs to go but the Monforts won't drop that hammer until the offseason assuming they do anything at all.

Also at some point the players have to be accountable. Tulo hit a HR tonight but then hit into 2 double plays when we needed clutch hits. Helton's offense has gone into the toilet. Cargo is our best hitter right now but even he is hit or miss most of the time.

Players, coaches, front office and ownership are lucky this isn't Boston, The Bronx, Philly, St. Louis or know a big Baseball market. They would all be crucified for all this mess.

so frustrating....

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