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05-21-2012, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Hull Fan View Post
They seem committed to Robidas and I doubt they'll keep both he and Sourey. You can't supposedly remake the roster yet bring everyone back. One of the two is gone but it is obviously much easier to just not sign Sourey no matter even if he wants to return, than it is to trade Robidas with his NTC.
We actually don't know what is what on this team right now, all. When your owner comes out and basically says the leadership core of this team must be given a hard look there is a new world order to deal with.

Originally Posted by Hull Fan View Post
Then once you come up with a list who's giving the Stars a price they're willing to accept? I'll be damn impressed if JN can farm him off on someone but it seems obvious by now that there's not a price being offered that they'd agree to.
If they make the decision that he must be moved rather than trying to squeeze every last drop of trade value out of him I'm fairly confident there will be at least one team willing to take on his contract for some sort of mid round pick or project prospect at very worst. If you trade Robidas it's not because you think you can get some great value out him as a tradable asset, it's because you've determined your team is better off without him.

As far as getting him to waive the NTC I really don't have much doubt they could get him to agree to it because...

...we finally have an owner and his NTC doesn't protect him from a buyout. Tell him one way or the other he's done here. He'll get more money if he just accepts a trade.

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