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05-22-2012, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
I think that's over-stating things a bit. These guys are 32-33 (aside from Boyle) not approaching 40. Aging is not really the issue, this season, if you watched the Sharks regularly, was a combination of terrible coaching, too much turn-over last season leading to chemistry issues, spotty goal-tending and all of that led to a lack of confidence.

Now that said, the Sharks are too slow, it's not an age issue so much as a conscious decision to acquire guys like Handzus, White, and retaining guys like Clowe and Murray.

You were very eloquent, but you missed the real issues entirely. This is not a bad team, this is not even a declining team, this was just a bad year, it happens. Get some better coaching next season (looks like McLellan is staying but the assistants will be replaced), get a little faster, and maybe an upgrade in goal (likely internally) and this is still an 'elite' team next season.

We need to trade out a few slow players for a few fast players, or if we are going to perform a mini-rebuild, send a vet or two packing for picks, prospects, and young players. We don't need Rick Nash, he doesn't fit into either scenario. He's too expensive and is only clearly better than a couple of players who cost a lot less than he does (Clowe, Havlat).

Also, just FYI, Doug Wilson made a comment about 'us' being wrong about Heatley's NTC as well when asked if he could move anyone this off season. So some players may not be as immovable as it seems.
I've watched a decent amount of San Jose over the last few years; it's a fun team to watch. That's what made this year so bore no resemblance to the previous post-lockout years. The lack of speed was certainly apparent, but everything was just kind of disjointed and never got going.

What troubled me to some extent was, as the season progressed, the games became slower and slower. What we started to see bore more resemblance to the pre-lockout game than the post-lockout, which should have played right into the hands of the slower, veteran Sharks. But this team went .500 the entire second half of the season and looked to meander aimlessly through several games down the stretch. From where I was sitting, it didn't look like coaching; it looked like a lot of guys who were slowing down.

I may be completely off the mark, but that's how I saw it.

Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Vokoun signed with the Locamotiv (sp?) in the KHL and Thomas may or may not be available. Are you seriously including Montoya? I wouldn't risk an hours pay never mind my job on a guy like that.

Harding, I would say, is an option for Tampa. He fits the Detroit model and I wouldn't say Yzerman is on the hot seat. I doubt he's the kind of guy the other two want to risk their jobs on.
I haven't seen any confirmation or any definitive follow-up on Vokoun to the KHL. If a deal hasn't been done, I'd have to imagine he'd sign there around July 10 if he doesn't have an NHL offer in hand.

Montoya...I don't think he's as bad as he looked at the end of last season. The last week of the season killed his overall numbers, but I don't think he was bad at all the rest of the season.

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