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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I think the thing that drives me most insane is when people bump in adult league, and someone on the bench *****es that a penalty should be called. Really? Really? It's a physical game. Yes, I know there is no hitting. You don't have to take offense to every bump. Just move on and play hard.
I agree with this for the most part.

As a skilled forward with some nastiness to my game, there are lines that you don't cross:

1. Don't finish a check on me in beer league hockey. There's a reason it's non-check and finishing a hit is chicken ****. I'm not expecting to get hit anymore, so I don't brace myself for them like I used to. It's a real jerk move IMO.

2. When I put a move on a defenseman at the blue line, if you body me up a little fine. However, make one push to try to get me off the puck and leave it at that. Anything else, IMO, falls similarly under the rule above. I understand the defensive side of hockey (growing up my brother is a stay at home defender who was downright physical as can be) and that you are taught to play the man.

I add a different perspective than Cole. If I make a move on you at the blue line, I expect you to try to make sure I don't beat you clean. However, it's not within the rules to push me off and then continue to do so so that I can't get to the puck (I've had beer league defenders shove me off twice and attempt to steer me the rest of the way into the boards). That's something you do again, in a real physical hockey game that I grew up playing and was okay with. Not in a beer league setting.

The dynamics of the game change when you play beer league hockey. Physical defensmean at times, struggle to adapt and this ends up frustrating them more than anyone which usually ends up with the defensman laying a full on body check. That upsets me because again, as someone whose played check hockey for awhile, I know how to embrace for a hit. I'm not expecting to get lit up playing beer league. Here's a different take, I use to love to create offense by dumping it in and laying a hit on a defenseman. I can't do that anymore and I adjusted, not sure why others can't.

All in all, I agree with your points in spirit Cole because I think you probably stay on the line that I outlined above. I've met a few who do the things I outlined above and it's almost solely because the only way they can stop forwards is by playing outside of the rules. Again, to put it into perspective, if they can do that, why can't I dump a puck in and lay the body... because it's not off the rush and I don't fall on my ass when I'm pushed? The ironic thing is, that if I did dump it in and lay the lumber, these are the same guys who'd be in the refs ear and trying to fight me. Hockey really is full of a bunch of punks haha.

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