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05-22-2012, 01:19 AM
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Maybe it's just because I'm cynical but I've heard this "talk" before. Now granted it was when they didn't have an owner but until I actually see players traded I'm not a believer in this management group pushing veterans out the door, especially at depressed prices or without receiving NHL ready players in return. They've had chances to move guys but they haven't. Why am I supposed to believe this time is actually different?

I know there have to be murmurs behind closed doors. No one can have objectively watched this team last year and not see its problems and yet no players were traded at the deadline. Maybe I'm just feeling like Cassandra as I've repeated doom and gloom while no one listens to me but at this point I need actions and not words and until the roster is turned over I'm not convinced changes will occur.

As for Captain, honestly this team doesn't have one. They shouldn't give the C to someone until it's really earned. Maybe a year without "that guy" might light a fire under a few players to realize they have to carry themselves.

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