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05-22-2012, 04:58 AM
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For quite some time I've been wanting to ask a question, but have kept forgetting.

After Latvia gained its independence, our NT line-up consisted mostly from quite old players that were in their 30s or late 30s and we basically had no young players - we had such roster for quite some time, hence there was no surprise that our team got very fast tired and after hard fought games we seemed tired the next games too. But that didn't surprise me due to the avg age that our team had.

What keeps surprising me is how come our team still keeps getting that tired??? We have a completely new team with new, young players. Against stronger teams we play maybe 1 or 2 periods good, but then during the 3rd we crawl back into our defensive zone and we are unable to do anything. How come all the elite top teams, don't have such an obvious problem. They can play back-to-back games with the same speed and with the same intensity. I know that we aren't as skilled as Russia, Sweden or Canada, but isn't stamina based on simple factors such as regular workouts??? i know we can't dominate like top elite teams can, because such domination must rely on skill, but with good stamina, we could make hustle plays and we could convert good defense into fast counter attacks, instead of just throwing the puck away or making stupid turnovers. I know that our players are just human, but the gap in our strength between an top elite team is huge. How come D. Alfredson (age 39) can play all 5 minutes on a PP in the 3rd period (it was during this WC: Rus-Swe) not mentioning his God-like performances in NHL??

Is the answer to my question as simple as that our team doesn't work out properly or is there a secrete that I don't know due to my lack of Ice-hockey knowledge???

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