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Originally Posted by shoeshine boy View Post
get a helmet, get a helmet, get a helmet!
I definitely agree that you should either do some learn to skate classes of at least go out to public skate for awhile and work on the basics but you really need to have a helmet and probably shin pads before you really start learning to skate for hockey. like someone else said, you're going to be falling and it's very easy to fall and hit your head while ice skating. I did it several years ago when I was first learning and ended up with a wicked concussion and a $1500 hospital bill.
Remember that your brain is going to bounce about in your skull despite a helmet being on your head, so even though you're wearing a helmet, don't go around thinking you can go headfirst into boards or anything. You still don't want your head to hit anything. The helmet is really best for stopping the ice, errant pucks and sticks from fracturing your skull. Despite this, I'll suggest a helmet too.

One thing on skates, just because Target has a pair of CCMs in you resize for $50, doesn't mean they are any good for skating. I made that mistake and the ankle support on them is non existent. Go to a Hockey Store and get them to try a few different skates on for you to make sure they fit. I wish I did!

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