Thread: Speculation: Derek Roy-5 reasons to keep him
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05-22-2012, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Sabresfansince1980 View Post
If I'm so wrong about everything where is the avalanche of posters calling me out for it? Clearly your own bias against Roy is affecting your reasoning, as other posters have mentioned if no playoff team would ever have a need for a 2nd line center, uh ok. My assesment of the trade deadline doesn't need to be specific. I'm not about to dissect the last 20 years of trades to prove what any experienced hockey fan knows - that buyers (generally) overpay at the deadline. Yet somehow, as bad as Roy is according to you and coming off a major injury, he's going to buck that trend. Sure, it's totally possible that Regier could trade Roy for fair value this summer, but it's more likely that Roy rebounds to some extent and has more value to a semi-desperate team in February. I'm done arguing the same thing over and over though, so I'll allow you another insulting post if it makes you feel better.
I don't know why Buffalo fans don't get it... they overrate their players?

Show me a team that gave up a 1st rounder for a deadline rental of a 5'9, offensive center...

You need to be specific about the trade deadline, when you are talking about a specific player. The price for defensemen goes up at the deadline (everyone needs defensive depth/experience), the price for physical forwards, guys with size, guys with defensive skill sets, and role player talents.... goes up at the deadline... the price for soft, offensive centers... doesn't because the demand isn't there.

Look at what Vermette went for... a 2nd and 4th. And he had years left at a very affordable price... Why do you think Roy would go for SOOOO much more then that? Look at what Jokinen went for in the past.

The reason you can;'t be specific is because it obliterates your opinion.

yes, buyers overpay at the deadline... but not for guys like Roy, or Max Afinogenov, or Brad Boyes... nobody wants that garbage at the deadline. They are using their assets to rent Jason Arnott, Paul Gaustad, Hal Gill, Jordan Leopold, etc

at the draft, when a team is constructing their roster for the YEAR... that's a different story

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