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05-22-2012, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilers1 View Post
I think if we try to deal with Boston the deal should look more like:

Bos: Paajarvi, Marincin or Gernat and First Overall 2012

Edm: Lucic, Hamilton and First round pick 2012

I know a lot of fans both ways may not like this especially Boston fans but the way I see it is Edm needs some grit on the wings in their top 6 and i feel Hamilton is exactly the kind of D-man the Oilers could use and is likely capable of stepping into the line up next season and the later pick in the 1st round might give us a shot at one of the goalie prospects or maybe Samuelsson from the Oil Kings. Bos would pick up a right winger that they could really use if they take Yak who will fit nicely with Seguin and Paajarvi as a future number one line with speed size and skill arguabley on par with the Oilers number one line of Hall, Nuge and Eberle and Maricin or Gernat may have as much potential as Hamilton but are likely still a few years off of taking their act to the show. With Hortons future shrouded in fog(no pun intended) I think this deal is a win for both teams both now and in the future. Having said all that i would still be willing to add a pick in one of the later rounds to make this deal happen if i were the Oilers. Alright Boston fans im done please be gentle.
Not that Boston would trade Lucic or Hamilton anyhow, but IF they did, this is what you could expect coming to Boston in return:

1st overall (Yakupov)

Players like Milan Lucic don't just grow on trees, there arent many 30/30 powerforwards in the NHL, especially one who's a tender 23yrs old and still has lots of time to continue to develop his game. He's a game changer.

Hamilton as previously mentioned has tons of potential, and Chara wont last forever so he fills a very specific need for Boston.

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