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05-22-2012, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by SuperGenius View Post
I guess what I don't really understand is why the CBJ are getting the 'blame' for this. Clearly, the board is also comprised of the director of the convention authority, a Nationwide rep, an OSU rep.

And the CBJ are evil? Honestly, if anyone looks bad, it's this Jennison guy.
FYI, Jennison is the Convention Authority's executive director.

I doubt that the Convention Authority came up with the idea to create an entity to control the Arena other than the Convention Authority. It would be an unnecessary expense for them and an added and unnecessary layer of bureaucracy. Which means one or more of the other parties came up with the idea.

Furthermore, by creating such an entity the Convention Authority has presumably already given up all control--unless the CA has a veto power, they can easily be outvoted by the other 3...all of whom have a pre-existing business relationship with respect to the Arena.

It isn't about being evil. It is about being wrong. It is not right to hand control of public funds right back to the same group of parties that came asking for public funds in the first place because they couldn't manage the Arena without losing tens of millions of dollars.

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