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05-22-2012, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
Yes, I have seen Carle do all of that. I have also seen every Flyers defenseman do the same thing. As well as every other defenseman I've seen play in the NHL. No player is mistake free. And Carle is not a mistake free player. Do I honestly need to explain that to you? If I do then it is a bigger problem then I thought it is. But what it's really about is how often mistakes happen. And how reliable a player is. And don't bother responding saying that those mistakes happen often. Because if they did, you know where it would show up? In the facts. In the advanced stats and other stats. And in how a team uses a player. So here we are, going around in the same circle. There's a reason why you can't quantify it . Because you're wrong!


I've answered this numerous times. Carle isn't a #1 Defenseman. And I have never said that he is. Nor have I ever stated that Carle is comparable to players that are #1 defenseman. ES play is one part of the game. A true #1 such as Chara, Weber, Lidstrom, are elite in all factors. Carle is not in their League. And I've also stated repeatedly that Carle is a #2 NHL defenseman. Carle if he's back, we'll continue to be a leader in ES ice time for the Flyers. Because he is a very strong player in ES play. Who has in the past put up elite numbers at ES play. That's a fact. One that you can't dispute.


Nashville was ranked 8th in the NHL at 2.83 goals a game. Fleyers scored 3.17 goals a game. Nashville isn't a slouch as an offensive team. And I disagree that Suter is a legitimate #1 defenseman. I think the biggest things that Suter would bring to the Flyers that is a definite need, is as a PP QB and a shot from the point. But I have doubts that Suter will be worth what he will command on the open market. Suter is a very good player that I would be happy to have. But it's about the cost.
Good points all the way through.

If Timonen is still considered a #1, then Carle and Coburn are our 2/3 Dmen, esp. when ice time is factored in. Grossman and Meszaros are next, and all very close.

I don't see a problem signing Carle and going with this group of 5, esp. with able players like Gus or MAB and Lilja to fill out the 6-7 slots. If Carle or Suter is signed, Gus or MAB will probably be dealt, as they won't be able to be recalled without waivers and they won't pass next year.

I really don't think Suter will be available to the Flyers, so waiting on him and losing Carle too could be disastrous. Suter will either re-up with the Preds or sign with a team with more cap room to give him $7.5M/yr over 8-10 years. Are Flyer fans prepared to beat that, given the other holes it would create to make the cap room?

Better to sign Carle early, and then see what happens next year, as we might be able to use Kimmo's money, and Hartnell's for that matter if he walks, to sign Weber.

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