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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
Defending Big D also noticed the Souray quote and decided to talk about bring back Souray.

They stayed away from bashing his effectiveness and talked more about him being Plan B. The interesting point that they presented (and I don't think anyone mentioned) is will he still be available as a Plan B on July 2nd or 3rd? If he's not, are you confident they'll find an adequate replacement rather than another risky project like Jeff Woywitka (their example) or Adam Pardy (my example)?

This is their idea of pairs:

Honestly not a fan at all. If Dillon and Larsen aren't both on the roster ... unless we're talking a #1 pushed Dillon out ... I don't want to see it really. Plus, that free agent is probably not Suter, and I'd rather see Fistric back on a cheaper contract and his still potential to grow over a free agent.

I'm still firmly in the "Only one of Robidas/Souray ... I prefer Souray by a mile" camp.

They don't even touch on the possibility of moving Robidas, and they seem to think Dillon is more of a long-shot than a lock. IMO, they are underestimating the franchises view of Dillon based on comments from Gaglardi and Jackson. Also, I could be reading this wrong, but they seem to have Larsen in the category of NOT a lock for the roster ... like a young player could push him out. I don't want to say it's impossible, but the chance of that happening seems rather unlikely.
DBD is pretty weird at times. Even before last season there was a pretty big Larsen as trade bait idea floating around there so it wouldn't shock me if many of them think Larsen can be pushed out of a job or just wont be around.

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