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Originally Posted by Mr Misty View Post
Before last season, Larsen was the only prospect who had any value. He was the best candidate to make the team better then in a trade. In hindsight that would have been a huge mistake, but nobody thought Larsen was going to end the season as a major contributor in Dallas.
It was a poor idea last season too because he was a prospect with high value. At the beginning of last season, teams without owners or any money don't trade their best prospects when they are the only hope of them getting a value (Entry-level contract) solid contributor (see Jamie Benn). Having proven nothing at the NHL level at that time, it was unrealistic he was landing a big prize player (one Dallas couldn't afford anyway at the time). So if that suggestion was made it was a pretty poor one.

Now with an owner ... it's the exact type of move Gaglardi and GMJN have talked about not doing. They're building primarily through the draft and development of prospects. The head of their scouting department has been raving about Larsen since they drafted him even comparing him to Brain Rafalski. They aren't moving a guy like that without seeing if he can reach his potential or in the off chance he's a piece of a trade for a number 1 (even then I think it'd still be a little doubtful unless it's later in the year and Nemeth has forced is way into the NHL).

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