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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Now that's something I've never heard about Grafs! While heavier than the superlight skates out there, I would say the Grafs are more aggressive than any of the other brands out there and require you to skate them differently due to the forward cant of the skate. Some people don't like this.

To the OPs point, I would say, no, the 705 doesn't fit anything like any of the skates offered by Reebok, Bauer and CCM. I wear 705s and I can't wear any of the other manufacturer's skates. And don't even think about buying Graf's via the mail/internet without getting properly fitted. Each model fits very differently and if you get one that is not right for your foot, you will sorely regret it.
Maybe it's the way the 705s fit me but I severely lacked agility in them compared to the Vapor series or the 9k's. I've noticed before and after my strides being much more powerful while having more agility.

Clearly you're a fan of them (you own them), so like anything with hockey equipment, it's preference. Perhaps aggressive isn't the right word but something about the skate just never allowed me to generate as much power in my strides.

Again, with skates it's all preference. One persons absolute must have skate could be something I dislike and vice versa. There's no question that the Graf skates are all around high quality, they just weren't for me. As the poster suggested above, best bet is to go try them on.

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