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Originally Posted by Gemini View Post
Uh, when you win the Stanley Cup, you don't win it for the NHL. You win it for yourself. (You don't really even win it for the team because you really couldn't care less about that team if you were to face them in the finals next year. Jerseys and teammates come and go.)

And why is representing your country in sports such a huge honor that it should be considered more important than proving to yourself that you're the best (the whole point of sports)? I don't agree at all with the attitude that says that an individual should prove his worth to his country. If anything it's the other way around, particularly in the case of Russia, the subject of this topic. Howabout Russia starts proving that it's worth having Ovechkin, Malkin etc. and not vice versa?
I hope this post does not summarize the feelings of those who think Stanley Cup is more important, because that would cause me lose respect for those people.

Pro athletes have more than enough time in their pro career to get all the money and all the glory they need. But I only respect those who can stop being mercenaries and glory hunters and once in a while play for a cause greater than themselves.

Playing for your country with little if any pay is a good example of that. I still think playing for the team is a good example too, unless it's your third team in five years or smth. I always had extra respect for people like Lidstrom or Brodeur, as opposed to team-hopping stars.

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