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Originally Posted by Frank the Tank View Post
The best 4 club teams in the world are still playing hockey, and thus by definition the WHC cannot be best-on-best. Certain nations are always going to be missing key players. Imagine if the World Cup of Soccer was being played without players from the Champions League semi-finals (Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Barcelona) and all the players on the four quarter finals teams were coming off of hard fought matches. Do you think that Spain would still have won or Argentina would not be severely crippled by the loss of Messi?

The IIHF has no one to blame but themselves for this loss of prestige as they continue to follow a Eurocentric agenda for the WHC.
Is funny that you bring up that analogy to football because lots of pundits here in England use the short length of time between the champions league and the World Cup as an excuse for why they lose every time rather than just accepting it is because the english national team simply isn't as good as the competition

(little bit off topic, not trying to claim any team is better internationally for ice hockey or any other sport...was just something that sprung to mind)

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