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05-22-2012, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by RDriesenUD View Post
Give me a reason why fans should be positive about any decision Columbus' management makes? I know this might be crazy, since we have been so good , but some posters would like to see people not involved with the Blue Jackets hired.
...Do you even realize the infinite loop inherent in this logic?

(a) The Blue Jackets management CANNOT be trusted in anything at all.
(b) Changes MUST be made to the Blue Jackets, because the team is currently not succeeding.
(c) Changes to the Blue Jackets are made by whoever is in charge of the Blue Jackets - i.e. Blue Jackets management.
(d) GOTO (a).

Or, in other words, Everything Is Wrong And Tainted With Horrible Failure.

Maybe we need to change the team colors to black, white, and more black.

The simple matter is that that logical chain is infinite and thus unworkable. The probability is strong, therefore, that one of those assumptions is wrong. I submit that it's (a) - that the situation is not as absolutist as many seem to assume.

The alternative seems to be (c) - that somehow we need to replace everything and everyone associated with the Blue Jackets except its association with Columbus, and possibly even that too. To which I laugh and say "good luck with that".

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