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Originally Posted by Zuluss View Post
On the other hand, Hockey Canada can only blame themselves for not working things out with NHL and IIHF and for not persuading the stars to come over if they are not playing in the playoffs.

I admit that there are things that could have been done better by IIHF (the Canada game in the quarters starting at 5 am ET is one thing that comes to mind), but WHC is still way fairer than World Cup or WJC, which are run by Canada. That makes me think that most of complaints about IIHF being Eurocentric are actually something like "it does not bend over for Canada and does not hand us any unfair advantage, how come?"

I do think IIHF should do a better job reaching out to the North American audience. WHC should be held in Canada and USA way more often than it is, effort should be made to schedule Canada and USA games later in the evening, there should be some convergence in the rules between IIHF and NHL, etc.
I do not know though what Hockey Canada does about that. E.g., do they apply to have the upcoming WHC in Canada every year and IIHF turns them down every year, or do they just ignore WHC (and then it's no wonder Europe always gets it)?

Yet, the fair arrangement for WHC will have to be somewhat Eurocentric, just because there are more hockey countries in Europe than in North America. If you treat everyone fairly, Euros are more likely to have their way most of the time.
Canada had the World Championships in 2008. IIHF stands for International Ice Hockey Federation. It's like the UN of hockey. It's designed to give a place for all the various hockey nations. Canada is on the "Security Council" but so are Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech. It's supposed to rotate every year. The NHL is one league. The schedule of it works better for the KHL, SEL, SM-Liiga, Czech Extraliga. If Canada doesn't really want to be a part of the IIHF that's it's call. It is the biggest and there's a ton of money. USA is Canada-lite. There's nothing inherently "unfair" about it though.

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