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Originally Posted by Frank the Tank View Post
North American players put little value in the WHC because it is held during the NHL playoffs. I could personally care less when it is held, but it is obvious North American players and fans disregard the value of the WHC in its current format. If the IIHF wants to keep the format the same (a tournament that is valued in Europe by players and fans alike, and yet remains an afterthought in North America) then by all means they are free to keep the schedule the same. At the same time because the WHC has a poor following in NA, the NHL has no incentive to make any scheduling changes for the IIHF. Should the IIHF makes changes and the WHC gains wider acceptance in NA (meaning more revenue available to be shared) then the NHL would definitely be a more willing partner.
We have a vicious circle here. What are the incentives of IIHF to change the schedule? They get more viewing in Europe than Stanley Cup gets in North America, they think their timing is perfect (after the soccer season ends but before everyone goes on vacation). It's not like they miss Canada or US dearly.
Now, if US and Canada showed more interest, more potential profit and sent better teams, then yes, IIHF will probably start to care about what Canada thinks.
Right now, if they reschedule for June, they will hurt their revenue, alienate many European leagues and hockey associations, and Canadians will probably keep sending inferior squads and will not watch anyway.

I am still hoping that when the money interests are deadlocked, the national pride will save the day and Canadians will get tired of their team being kicked out in the quarters for several years in a row, while the country has all it takes to compete for gold and even more.

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