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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
Duchy and Hanzal don't have similar value, but Hanzal has more value than you perceive him to.

He's O'Reilly pre-breakout. Meaning he has great value to his own club, less to certain other clubs such as ours that already has O'Reilly.

I find it hard to take seriously how often you try to flaunt your hockey knowledge yet demonstrate how much of a rookie you are at evaluating talent on a consistent basis. Rather than push your opinion as fact, consider reading more often than replying until you get a better grasp on the topic at hand.
Ive stated clearly that I am not exactly sure how much value Hanzal has and that he does have value. As for Hanzal vs Duchene there is no question there.

Do you just have some need to flame everything I say? Because you ignore a lot of what I post at the same time.

When exactly do I try to flaunt my hockey knowledge? However it looks like that is exactly what your doing. Your post makes you sound more cocky than anything else. Get over yourself seriously.

Now this is JUST MY OPINION but Hanzal has 5 years in the league with every year being pretty consistent. When is he going to break out? 26? 27? Did he show flashes of breaking out this year? Because when you look at this last season it looks pretty consistent with his other years. Comparing O'Reilly & Hanzal is even a stretch AGAIN IMO because of their age. And again IMO O'Reilly is a lot better defensively in every area except physicality and beyond just what I have watched the stats back me up.

My scoff was at the comparison to Duchene and saying Hanzal will be a Sleke level defensive forward. Guess what? I am entitled to my opinion.

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