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05-23-2012, 12:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Duffman View Post
Not really a vent but a funny story.

At my last game I made what i thought was a routine glove save on a particularly heavy shot in the first period. It left my hand stinging (didn't catch the puck in the webbing)but I thought nothing of it. By the third period my hand was still sore, but I shruged it off as the guy just having a hard shot and that a couple beers would make it all better.

At the bar I was rubbing my hand and noticed that my wedding ring wasn't spinning on my finger. Figuring my hand was swollen I pulled as hard as I could on my wedding band to get it off and set it down on the table. Thats when I noticed that my ring was destroyed. The shot had flattened the one side of my ring (I'll try to post a picture later). Has anyone else ever had this happen?

Needless to say my wife just rolled her eyes and was only slightly annoyed when I said I'd just toss the ring in my night stand until I felt like taking it to a jewler to get fixed.
My wedding ring is made of tungsten...and hockey was one of the reasons I wanted it that way.

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