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11-25-2003, 07:10 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
I know this is a board frequented by several Atlanta fans, so I ask this, how good is Atlanta? They are sitting pretty for a playoff spot in the East but is it fools gold? Of their 11 victories, only three come against teams at .500 or great. They beat both Toronto (9-6-5-2) and Boston (11-3-3-3) in overtime and they beat the Islanders (9-8-2) Aside from those opponents, the combined record of all the teams they have beaten is 60-84-19-7 for an average of 18.5 points per team. These 8 teams have, on average, 4 less wins than regulation losses (it would be almost 5 less if you included OTL). If you used these records and created a team called XX, XX would be last place in 2 of the 8 divisions. The only divisions it wouldn't be last place (save for the Atlantic - Pittsburgh) are divisions whose last place team the Thrashers have beaten (SouthEast - Washington, Central - Columbus, Pacific - Phoenix).

The combined record of Atlanta opponents that they have beaten is 89-108-29-12. In comparison, the combined record of the teams the Predators have beaten is 85-70-13-15. The average Predator team has almost 2 more wins than losses and averages 22 points.

Now, to be fair, I am going to include all teams played by both teams. The Predators combined record of opponents is 175-149-42-28. Their opponents average almost a win and a half more than they lose. Atlanta's combined record of opponents is 176-187-67-22. Their opponents average a half loss more than they win.

But it's the disparity between who they beat and who they lose to that's startling. For Nashville, the opponents they beat have a combined record of 85-70-13-15. The combined record of the opponents with whom they lost or tied is 90-79-29-13.

For Atlanta, the opponents they beat have a combined record of 89-108-29-12. The combined record of the opponents with whom they lost or tied is 87-86-38-10.

Is Atlanta really good or is their superlative record a product of an easy schedule?
Are you kidding me...of course their record is a product of an easy schedule...I'd be drooling right now to play Washington, Florida, Carolina all 6 times a year...geez.

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