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05-23-2012, 01:27 AM
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Ror's Game 4 SCF-bound photos and towel thread!

Now that we have arrived, the last team standing in LA...a team of destiny's time for another round of photos from game 4, round 3...and also more towels!

I'm still keeping the game 4, round 2 thread going a little longer as others who were sent towels receive them and also I embarrassingly still have photos to post on that thread, including gifs.

This round, game 4 seats were on the opposite side, Center Ice behind the Kings penalty box. It was much easier to see the game this time but much harder to take photos as there were more metal glass frames in the way. I'll post round 2 photos in the old thread and this round's photos in this thread.

I got a total of nine of them...I'm keeping one for myself as I lost mine (irony) and one for a local friend. One person in the round 2 thread asked me for one as well (Calirose) and if that person claims it, it's theirs. That leaves six up for grabs!

Ok this time I'm going by this priority...if you want a towel, PM me.

1) You aren't someone who already was sent a towel from round 2

2) First come first serve amongst the people who qualify for 1

3) If I come into my PM list and you say you want a towel, and you've given me your entire mailing address including first and last name, I'll give you priority over someone who just asks me if a towel is available. The reason for this is that the HF PM system makes you wait 60 seconds in between messages, even replies (anti-spammer thing). Thus it becomes messaging spaghetti for me real fast. (Plus I'm almost out of room in my box.)

If you are one of the first six, I will reply back with the position number you are in (1st, 5th, etc.) If I'm out, I will try to get more towels later (FINALS BABY) but no guarantees.

I will do my best to let you know right away on this thread if I'm out and I'll reply back too that I'm out.

And, as before, this is free of any charge and I'll include a little gift too. No streamer this time though


- R

And here come the pics:

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