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Originally Posted by Double Dion View Post
Coaches don't like being fired. Arniel was clearly not an idiot. If you get an NHL job you know more about hockey than anyone named Crede777 or Double Dion does. Arniel won at every level before he coached in Columbus. He initially played Nash in defensive situations and stopped when they were getting lit up doing it. It's not like he never gave him the opportunity. I get that people have an emotional attachment to their stars. I love Iginla, but acknowledge that he is not a good defensive player. It's even more awkward to acknowledge it when the player is such a good person as is the case with Nash and Iginla. But reality is reality. Iginla has done far more in his career than Nash, but it doesn't wash out his liabilities. The same is true of Nash.
Knowing more about hockey doesn't make anyone a good hockey coach, nor does knowing more about football make anyone a good football coach, nor does knowing more about a company make one a good boss.

Arniel never played Nash in defensive situations. One of the first things that he said upon taking the job was that Nash's days on the PK were over because he was too valuable to waste killing penalties...the PK percentage promptly plummeted. When Todd Richards took over, one of the first things he did was start putting Nash out on the PK, and the percentage surged.

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