Thread: Speculation: FINAL: Where does Nash end up?
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05-23-2012, 04:40 AM
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I haven't read this entire thread (the first 3 pages and then the last two), but I agree with you that comparing Pavelski and Nash as equal in value is absurd. Yes Pavs might give you more bang for the buck but Nash is obviously the better player. Arguing that Pavelski is worth more because of his better production per dollar is like saying that Matt Moulson is worth more than Joe Thornton. It is just not the case. Value of players work on a curve. The closer you get to greatness the more your value increases exponentially. It is the same reason that you can never get value in a trade for a true generational talent.

With that said I would say that Marleau and Nash are about equal players in terms of true ability and skill. They both are the best player on a poor to average team and the best complimentary player on a good team. They both were invited to team Canada, put up similiar numbers, underrated defensively, and have not shown that ability to "put a team on their back".

Of course Nash is 5 years younger which raises his value signicantly but has a slightly higher cap hit which diminshes it slightly. I don't think that this variance in value is worth anything close to someone like Pavelski.

Not that I really am interested but if a trade around the two would happen i would think.

Marleau + Demers/Braun

Marleau + 2nd

Pavelski + Clowe

Pavelski + Murray + Ferriero

Nash +2nd

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