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Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
Are you sure all the skates fit correctly, Michael? If the fit's not right for their foot it doesn't matter how stiff the boot is, it's gonna be funky.

That being said I started on X:20's, moved to One80's and finally settled on U+12's. I'm not sure if it was because I was new to skating but I felt as I became a stronger skater my ankle would bow inward when I pushed on strong strides with my X:20's, especially on turns. That definitely went away with the stiffer One80's. Again, it could be because I didn't have as good technique when I had my X20's but I feel like I'm a much more explosive skater in the stiff boot of my U+12's. You absolutely don't lose any energy with a stiff boot. I doubt I'd ever bother going any less stiff in the future. Plus I don't think before blocking shots so the extra armor helps too.
Yeah, I've checked the fit and done some pencil tests also. There are some problem with a bit of pressure in the forefoot but nothing that causes pain.

We do have 1 beginner who's wearing a size 7.5D Vapor x1.0 instead of 7D but he's doing better than the problematic ones.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
There has to be some terminology difference here.

There's ankle mobility and then boot stiffness. I always thought boot stiffness was more lateral, whereas ankle mobility is front-to-back.
By that understanding, wouldn't the wobbly feet fall into boot stiffness? Wobbly means being unstable laterally isn't it?

And AIRAYE, I didn't say it was you who said it but I did a lot of google searches and found quite a few debates posted on both this forum, MSH and some other articles

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