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05-23-2012, 08:43 AM
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Just had my 2nd time in full equipment on ice last night.

It was just a stick and puck, but everyone else was putting on full equipment, so I thought to myself, "there's no harm in putting it all on, I'll only have myself to blame if I hurt myself from not wearing my pants and falling on my arse".

I felt much better out there, I did miss the puck a couple of times, but can see why, I seem to miss when my hand right hand is too far up the stick. I can pick up the puck fine with the stick in my left hand, then bring it over so I'm holding the stick with both hands, I also tried to keep my knees bent at all times, which helped, I didn't lose my balance after trying to hit the puck. I even got the puck into a goal, which was a big thing for me - despite no goalie being there and the puck only moving at 35mph...

Wanted to see if they had any better skates for me before I started, they only had low end Bauers and Eastons (still better than mine, with super flexible ankles) but none in 10s or 9s (which I think are actually the right size for me). He suggested I go to Wonderland at Chelsea Piers, so I'll go there before my next time on the ice.

In the meantime, I put the 120" laces on my skates, used the lace tightener and ended up with enough lace to wrap around my ankles. Not ideal, but it meant I was able to do a few crossovers and skate for the entire session without ending up on my inside edges all the time. The equipment is great though, all comfortable, except for the velcro of the elbow pads, I think I'll always need to use long sleeve under shirts as they weren't that bad with them...

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