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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
There are three critical things I vehemently disagree with you on.

1-you completely dismiss the UFA market, most cup winners have gotten key players through UFA's wether the high priced ones like Chara Gonchar Campbell Hossa or good role players or just reclamation projects. It's definitely not the be all and end all, but as a GM is one of the tools to building a winner. I see a lot of UFA's that could help fill needs on this team like Salvador Allen Pahlsson Penner and there are 10-12 others. The key is not to go too long term or too much cap hit. Going aftera guy coming off a down year with something to prove can often lead to a great bargain. This also buys time for your prospects and takes some heat off guys like Cole Pacioretty Subban and Gorges.

2-you can't rush a bunch of 20 year olds to the NHL, especially in a hockey crazed environment like Montreal, because you will runin most of them. Let those kids start out in the AHL, polish their games and err on the side of patience. As Bergevin said when asked about the #3 overall pick, he has never head of a young player being ruined by not promoting him fast enough.

3-losing a lot of games next year will just set us up to be the "new Toronto", the core of the team is too good to finish bottom 5, so unless you want to start dumping Pacioretty Subban Price etc we won't get a top 5 pick next year, so aim to make the playoffs, which will help those players develop and buy time for our young players. Usually the teams rushing prospects are the ones out of the playoffs and desperate to give the fans and media something to look forward to.
I completely dismiss this years UFA market, what's the point of overpaying (cause we'll have to) a UFA we'll only try to drive out of town in a few months.

I'm not talking about a bunch of 20 year olds here, I'm talking about 2, who by most accounts are physically and emotionally able to handle the NHL. All players are different but at 6'7" Tinordi is more than strong enough to hold his own in front of the net, which has been one of our biggest weaknesses. Beaulieu was almost kept this year, I suspect he'll challenge again. The example I used was the Rangers. Their D had it tough for a couple years because they were so young... well they're still young but they had the talent and size to learn in the NHL not AHL and the Rangers are reaping the benefits now.

We will not be the new Toronto. If we lose I'll be unhappy, but, we'll be losing knowing we have 2 first rounders in a deep pool. Toronto didn't have theirs and have spent decades looking for the quick fix. By build through the draft we'll be going back to our roots and have a team that grows together.

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