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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
Maybe Mathman should take a quick glance at this article. There are some revealing comments in there including the fact that Martin did not communicate with his players... something that I have said all along.
*shrug* Seemed to work well enough. Pretty amazing though how common the "coach doesn't talk to us" complaint seems to be. Carbo, Martin. Always thought it was a red herring anyway. It wasn't why Carbo was a bad coach.

I don't particularly care about his methods, TBH, as he produced the best 5-on-5 club the Habs have seen in over a decade. That's what matters to me.

And, well, "I don't mind Martin"? That's a damning expression of sheer hatred right there.

Interesting too that Martin was apparently more emotional behind closed doors than behind the bench. There's a lesson in there, too, something to keep in mind for people who judge a coach by how animated he is when the cameras are pointed his way.

Originally Posted by HCH View Post
It's peek inside the room and perhaps Mathman should consider apologizing for the unwarranted and uninformed derogatory comments he made about Cunneyworth.
Why would I? I see nothing in Spacek's comments that explains away the amazingly inept system (or, rather, lack thereof). Nor the ham-fisted personnel management. Unless, I suppose, they were actually commanded by Gauthier, which I imagine is possible although I doubt even Gauthier would stoop to that much micromanagement, if only because he wouldn't have time!

I'm sure Cunneyworth is a great, likable guy, but he was a terrible coach.

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