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05-23-2012, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by airic000 View Post
I don't think he was that great of a tactician at all because, as Spacek points out, they never had the players to play the strategy that JM was trying to employ. His strategy might be great but you can't employ a strategy where the resources you need to properly employ that strategy are missing. To me a great tactician is someone that is able to adapt. That was far from JM's strong point. He never once talked to his players during a game. Any in-game strategies came from Muller.
Tactician was the wrong word I guess I should say X's and O's guy, what I mean is Martin had the hockey knolwedge and Muller was the glue that made it work. You can have Martin scribbling away in his notebook behind those big ass ears as long as you have a person like Muller who knows how to talk to and engage with, motivate, etc... make people feel like human beings not pieces on a chess board or scribbles on a dry-erase board

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