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Originally Posted by airic000 View Post
To me a great tactician is someone that is able to adapt. That was far from JM's strong point. He never once talked to his players during a game. Any in-game strategies came from Muller.
The problem with that is that we have known cases of Martin switching matchups mid-game to adjust to his early-game line matchups being ineffective, including post-Muller. So it's untrue that Martin "never" adjusted. It might be a matter of degrees, though, in the sense that he didn't do it enough to Spacek's tastes (or did it in ways Spacek couldn't discern; I'm not sure Spacek would pay much attention to forward line changes, for example).

But in general, I have a lot of trouble with the whole "Martin doesn't adjust" notion because I've seen adjustments from him (or rather had them pointed out to me).

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