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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
Our language requires that every word (even foreigner surnames), in order to get implemented in a proper sentence, ends with a handful of letters. Usually these letters are "s", "", "a", "e" sometimes "o", "ē", "ā", "i" or "ī", but these last ones are quite rare.

I'm 99% sure that your surname in our language would end with one of the letters I listed, for example if your last name is Brown or Smith, in Latvian your surname would end with "s". If you have a French sounding surname, most likely your last name will end with the letters from the second bunch I listed.

So I guess all danish/norwegian -sen or swedish -son names will just be -sens or -sons in Latvian?
Russian -ov names becomes -ovs, what about the more Ukrainian -(ch)enko?
Most German names probably also get -s, right?
Can you give some examples of french sounding names where you wont end with -s?

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