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05-23-2012, 11:36 AM
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Fair to say Saint John was the fav going in (and prolly still so- althou the gaps been closed) and the rest were a coin flip.
Reading back thru this thread its not like people were saying the Knights were huge underdogs to Edm or Shaw.
Its often hard to judge, with no common opponents and the set up of the tourney to handicap it.
Its been as close as its ever been with a big factor (IMO) being back to backs. Both times the team playing its second in 2 nights looked flat.

Why did most pick Kitchener over the Knights? London was the #1 seed and Kitchener was #3 there wasn't anything that pointed to Kitchener winning a best of 7 over London. Well if you continue to stack the deck against your team even if you lose I guess you end up happy.
I loved the Ktown matchup and posted so. I just think some of more active, less positive posters went on about it and on other boards. The reg season didnt mean a lot to me in terms of matchups.
As far as ending up happy--not sure thats it as much as some fans just kept waiting for them to fall apart and choose to look at perceived weaknesses instead of the positives and jsut really didnt believe they could do it. Almost looked like they were posting only to show they were right all year, jumping on negatives, and theyve yet to get confirmation their perception this team had too many holes, couldnt get it done type stuff

Relax and enjoy Knights fans, these type seasons dont come around often. The Knigths may or may not win the last game of the year but they definitely have a chance. And not a bad one either.

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