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05-23-2012, 10:42 AM
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Diablo 3 when it's on. As an adult my game playing time is about 7:30-9:30 before it's time to go to sleep, and from like 6 until noon on my two days off. Both of my days off this week came on days Blizzard killed the servers all morning for maintenance. Total bummer.

Dragon's Dogma - played a little bit of this. I don't really like Monster Hunter and this is like their attempt at getting the West to like Monster Hunter. It's expansive and kind of fun to play, but no one understands UI or player experience there.

Hot Pursuit - This is like the best racing game since ... I dunno, Gran Turismo 2. Or ... God what an awesome game. Two years later I still go back to it and it's still awesome. New Criterion game this fall, probably what I'm most excited for.

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