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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Im everything I have so many interests that they day doesn't have not enough hours.
Actually basically everything interests me, but I have studied basic Indoeuropean Languages so finds the common origin of our languages and the way they have split apart very interesting. I love folk custums, folk dances, mythical songs, since they are very useful to reconstruct the way of life over our thousands year of existence in Europe. Stuff we have lost especially after WW2 (the modern way of life, industrialism and urbanisation) and have to refind it before it totally disappears into oblivion.
But we are descendends of our ancesters....we arent created out of some historical vacuum.
"If you want to know others, you need to know yourself first".
When you know others, then it's easier to reflect on your own way of life, and see what is common and what is unusual. Things you would never think about without having a detached look!
Same in hockey.......tactics is about playing on own strengths against the weaknesses of the opponent. What is Denmark for instance doing wrong when looking from the outside...what is Latvia doing that is good and what are they bad it.
Knowledge is power!
Well thats only half-truth knowlage is not power,information is power.

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