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05-23-2012, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Again, nothing will be settled with that article 'cause strangely, people in here can't talk about what we don' tknow. Yet, when a player, WHO PLAYED FOR HIM, makes his's still not good enough. So what would it take to see Martin as he really was? An admission of Martin himself? See, Martin, himself, admitted that he was too patient with players like Gomez and some others. Is that good enough? Or is Martin wrong about Martin? I mean, I do understand, it's not because a player has an opinion that it should mean it's the bible and everybody should adhere to it. But at the worst, it solidifies what some people in here thought that was laughed at when they said it mostly because "They have no idea since they are not in the room" type of statement. Spacek isn,t the first one in that room to have mentioned how it used to work, whether it's the coach or this fabulous GM we used to have.

But then, to Martin's defense, 'cause the guy was not all bad, it is also possible that player overestimate their real talent. Wouldn't be the first time it happens. So whether Spacek thinks we had the players to play another style, chances are we didn't really. Then it goes back to Mr. Gauthier......

What is really strange in this is that most people who keeps defending Martin.....also keeps defending Gauthier.....and also defended Gainey for quite some time.......and in the same breath are mentioned that Timmins is the best head scout in the business. Which brings the come I'm not aware that we won the last 5 Cups? If Martin did the incredibly best with the group he had....shouldn't it be a reason to enough to criticize Gainey and GAuthier's work since Martin was only able to bring us to where we are at right now? Especially since the REAL truth in this is that we DO have the best head scout in the business? Martin isn't the awful coach that some thing he was. But a guy who was not that long ago seen mostly as the head coach of the past, it is possible that as many games you had coaching, it might have been time to let it go. Strangely, a guy just as old like Ken Hitchcock was applauded for having chances and adapted, something which Martin seems unable to do. It's one thing to be a vet, it's another to recognize in which era you are playing in. Martin wasn't bad. But he wasn't great either. One thing I'm sure, he was CLEARLY not the problem though. Gainey and Gauthier ****ed up that team, nobody else. A Gainey that succeeded to ****ed up the work that....Gainey himself did after the Savard era. And a Gauthier who just put the final nail in the coffin which some of his hockey decisions but mostly which the freak show he created that was disrespectful to the Montreal Canadiens.

Oh and I'm surely too sensitive. But somebody change the title. Totally misleading and disrespectful as much as I wasn't a fan of both.
I absolutely agree with your post.

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