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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
OK that looks promising. But even being on 1'st draft doesn't mean that you will play NHL right away. Can easily take some thats why you need the patience and aptitude for hard work (and that is a talent in itself)
Jannik Hansen is famous for being the most hardworking guy many players have ever seen. He is training even when the other training freaks are finally going home to sleep. Teammates call him "World Champion in practice" in Vancouver (though he is still a bit of a stonehand, but apparently he can score when training). But as bottom 9'th drafted he wasn't an obvious talent at all...but had patience, willpower and enomours work capacity. Players that are very gifted and early become a youth fix star in a smaller country might stop developing because they think they are "gods gift to hockey" and get lazy. So glad to hear Girgensons is serious all the way.
You might say Girgensons is the complete opposite of the Roberts Bukarts(plays in Dinamo riga),he has the talent and skill,but his work ethic is horrendous,hes still only 21 he has the time to fix his mindset if he doesnt i`ts game over for him

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