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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
So Burkarts can easily become a 1-2 line or bust player. If he doesn't get immidiate success IN NHL he might try KHL and if that doesn't turn well either he risk doing a Kirill Starkov [AHL-KHL-SEL-Allsvenskan-Danish League].
In Denmark people have the same suspecion with Thomas Spelling, though not that bad work ethics. But he probably starts in Sweden that is the best place for danish players to learn defensive discipline instead of going directly to North America.
Nooo this ROBERTS Bukarts not Rihards,Rihards is the 16 year old talented guy(hes brother of roberts) Rihards(the 16 year old is More of girgensons-type hard working,high skilled,good physical play)
Roberts Bukarts the 21 year old might be khl 1-2 liner if he changes attitude,idk if i could see him in the NHL

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