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05-23-2012, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Redux91 View Post
I had gone to a Montreal - Tampa game at the bell one time, great seats in the red

I wanted some beer so i made the guy hand it to the person sitting the furthest and to pass it down to us, and my brother says "hey..i think were sitting next to someone in important, im not sure who tho", so i lean over and i see 4 seats away that its Henry Richard, and i couldnt believe i had forced him and his wife to pass us down a couple of beers lol

at some point in the 2nd, he got up for something, so i DASHED and used it as an oppurtunity to get more beer without bothering Richard...
Pretty funny story! Reminds me of the queen in one of the Naked Gun movies when she passes hotdogs and beer along! lol

When I was younger, my dad used to get tickets pretty often and we went to the Forum a few times a month and we ALWAYS waited for the players after the game. They used to come out a little door off the side of the building. We waited for autographs and one time Yvon Lambert and Guy Lapointe came out and signed a bunch. Once they left, people around us started comparing notes and realised these two clowns signed every name on the roster but theirs. It was hilarious.

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