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11-25-2003, 08:09 AM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
who said lundmark was punished. he was scratched. im so sick of everybody complaining about lundmark and his ice time! what has he done? he gets 10 minutes a night which over 20 games should be more than 1 goal
And Hlavac and his 3 goals is much better? Take the one "gift" of a penaly shot away, and Hlavac has 2 goals. 1 more than Jaime. Couple that with the fact that Hlavac has played with the Nedveds and Kovalevs of the world, while Jaime gets to play with the Lacoutures and Rheumes and the fact that Jaime is already a much better back checker than Hlavac, and again I ask you to show me how Hlavac is better?
Glenjar, do you understand what being put into a position to succeed means? I gave the example of that the other week. When Hejduk and Drury were rookies for the 'Lanche, did they play 4 minutes a night with Scott Parker? No. They flanked Joe friggin' Sakic. Think about it. 2 rookies playing wings for arguable the best player in the league. The 'Lanche recognized that the rookies were offensive players and put them into a position to succeed. Now look at the RAgners. Last year, where did Lundmark show the most amount of chemistry? When he was with HOlik in preseason. What happened during the regular season? No shifts with Holik. Where did Jaime score most of his goals? When he was with Messier. Where is Jaime this year? Skating with Lacouture, Rheume, or Purinton of all people. That's a clear example of NOT putting a young player in a position to succeed.
Want another? Guess what players played with Datsyuk and Zetterberg of Detroit? Brett Hull. Shanahan at times. Another example of putting players in a position to succeed.
I find it hard to judge Jaime when Sather has hindered his development at every opportunity.

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